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Face & Body Professionals, Inc. has been providing topical anesthetics, pigments and essential office supplies to the tattoo, body piercing and permanent cosmetic professionals since 1995. Our experts brought decades of experience and training to this endeavor, developing high quality and time-proven products for the permanent cosmetic and tattooing professionals.

Think of Face and Body Professionals, Inc as your source for:

Topical Anesthetics:
Types, uses and proper application.

Permanent Cosmetic pigments:
Basic and corrective brow and lip colors as well as the new areola and nipple colors.

Essential office supplies for the professional:
Continuing education new and sources.
Insurance referral to Professional Programs Insurance Brokerage.
Semi-annual “The Skin Game” newsletter.

Make Face and Body Professionals, Inc. you first source for tattoo, body piercing and permanent cosmetic professional products and information.

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Essential Products
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