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Medium Ashe Blonde Pigment


Soft Light Blonde on fair skin types. Won't turn orange.
TEMP: Cool
BASE: Yellow


Price: (12+) Qty:  
$31.00 $28.00
Chocolate Mousse pigment


Beautiful brow color for Hispanic Complexions.
TEMP: Cool
BASE: Brown/Black


Price: (12+) Qty:  
$31.00 $28.00
Chestnut pigment


Warm brown brow for cool complexions. Add a touch of Anti-Orange for warm complexions.
TEMP: Warm
BASE: Red/Brown


Price: (12+) Qty:  
$31.00 $28.00
Taupe pigment


Gorgeous ash/brown tone for silver haired or blondes, who can't wear a warm brown and gray-black is too stark.
TEMP: Cool
BASE: Brown/Green


Price: (12+) Qty:  
$31.00 $28.00
Hazelnut pigment


Soft Medium Brown Brow on Hispanic and Caucasian complexions.
TEMP: Neutral
BASE: Yellow/Green


Price: (12+) Qty:  
$31.00 $28.00

Price is subject to change without notice

Permanent Makeup Pigments - Eye Brow Pigments

We offer a choice of five different permanent makeup pigment shades for cosmetic eye brow tattooing. For each permanent eye brow pigment shade, we provide the base color, the temperature and a recommendation for the hair and skin color it is most suitable for, to make your choice of eye brow pigments easier. Use brow pigments for cosmetic eye brow tattooing can simply fill in the brow or provide convincingly hair-like strokes to closely simulate real eye brows. Great eye brows are essential to frame the face, and correctly shaped and sized eye brows can transform the look of the face, dramatically enhancing natural beauty. Many women over-tweeze their brows when they first start to shape them, and over time the hair may not grow back. Cosmetic eye brow tattooing, with one of our eye brow pigments, provides a permanent makeup solution, without women having to spend time applying make up every day or worrying about the color coming off during the day.

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