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All of the colors have been matched to our previous selection, so you will get the same coloring results.

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  • Each 1/2 oz bottle is made in the USA.
  • The label contains a complete ingredient list.
  • The ingredients are properly identified for sale in the USA and EU/Japan.
  • The MSDS sheet for each color is available online.
  • California's Proposition 65 Notification is available online for California customers.
  • A Patch Test fact sheet is available online.
Anti Orange

Anti Orange - Corrective Brow

Eliminate the pink/orange brow with this green-based brown.
Use to create dark brows on ethnic skin.
TEMP: Cool
BASE: Green


Price: (12+) Qty:  
$31.00 $28.00
Blue Buster

Blue Buster - Corrective Brow

Neutralizes gray/blue brows once and for all with this pumpkin colored pigment.
TEMP: Warm
BASE: Orange


Price: (12+) Qty:  
$31.00 $28.00
Golden Nectar

Golden Nectar - Corrective Brow

This golden pigment vanquishes those gray/violet brows so prevalent with this skin type.
TEMP: Cool
BASE: Yellow


Price: (12+) Qty:  
$31.00 $28.00
Anti Gray

Anti-Gray - Corrective Brow

Warm up the gray/blue brows often seen in olive tones with this ruddy corrector.
TEMP: Warm
BASE: Red/Pink/Brown


Price: (12+) Qty:  
$31.00 $28.00
Lip Warm Up

Lip Warm Up - Corrective Lip

Eliminates the too cool/mauve lip with this light bright warm-up.
TEMP: Warm
BASE: Red/Orange


Price: (12+) Qty:  
$31.00 $28.00
Coral Casino

Coral Casino - Corrective Lip

Purple lip lines are a thing of the past when this “dark-lifter” is applied.
TEMP: Warm
BASE: Orange


Price: (12+) Qty:  
$31.00 $28.00

Price is subject to change without notice

Face and Body Professionals' range of corrective pigments, for the permanent makeup industry, are essential for obtaining great results in color correction. Our corrective pigments are the best pigments to use when correcting inappropriately dark or light brows and lips.

Unfortunately, there are many inadequately skilled and inexperienced cosmetic tattooists, who don't have the correct training needed to achieve great results when tattooing the brows, lips and eyelining. Inappropriate shades can be produced after an unskilled application of permanent corrective pigments, resulting in unnatural tones as the ink migrates and discolors.

Our corrective pigments are essential for all technicians who want to color correct their clients. Using corrective pigments is a much safer way to "fix" problems than camouflage colors. These corrective pigments are custom made for us by a leading U.S. cosmetic manufacturer that has been in business for many years, providing high quality corrective pigments, to the permanent cosmetics and tattoo industries.

Tattoo Issues

Eyebrows can sometimes take on orange, gray, purple or blue undertones, and lips can have purple lines or be too mauve or cool. An incorrectly shaped tattooed brow can distort the face's symmetry and natural angles. Inappropriate and poorly done cosmetic tattooing with these unnatural colors can have a dramatic effect on the face, detracting from the face's natural beauty and adding years to the appearance. Fortunately, these problems can now be a thing of the past when treated with cosmetic tattooing using Face and Body Professionals' color corrective pigments.

These versatile corrective pigments can also be used to even out skin tone and fix areas which have become too light or dark due to scarring, burns or other causes of pigment deposition or lack of melanin. Yet another use of our corrective color pigments is to effectively 'remove' unwanted tattoos. Use of corrective pigments allows much superior results to the use of camouflage colors, so make sure you always use Face and Body Professionals' corrective color pigments for all your color correction needs.

To color correct an area with an inappropriate color base or temperature, corrective color pigments are often the best first step to provide the necessary shift in color tone. Other pigments, such as our basic pigments, can then be used to make minor adjustments to the color so that it tones with the client's skin and gives the most natural look possible. Just be careful not to 'overshoot' when treating an area with corrective color pigments alone, as this will lead to a bright ring around the area that does not match the client's skin tone and is noticeably unnatural. Several sessions are often necessary when correcting badly done cosmetic tattooing, and patience is needed to achieve the best results. However, great results can be achieved by a skilled practitioner using high quality corrective color pigments, such as Face and Body Professionals' range.

Like our basic pigments, Face and Body Professionals' range of corrective color pigments is made specifically for us by a leading cosmetic manufacturer with years of experience of providing top quality pigments to the permanent makeup and tattoo industry. We accept only the highest standards in ingredients and U.S. manufactures. If you have used our corrective pigments before, you can be assured that our new line has been color matched to our previous selection, so you will get the same great coloring results.

Range of Colors

Our range of six corrective colors includes shades suitable for every skin tone, including ethnic skin types. Our corrective color pigments can also be mixed together, for a precise color match to suit each client. For each shade, we have indicated the color's base and temperature, along with a recommendation for the kind of discoloration it is most suitable for, to make your choice of corrective pigment color suitable for your needs as easy as possible. Each half ounce bottle is made to the highest quality standards in the US, and labeled correctly for sale in the US, Europe and Japan. Unlike some suppliers, we provide a complete list of ingredients on every bottle. For your convenience, we have available online an MSDS sheet for each color, a patch test fact sheet and a California Proposition 65 Notification for use with clients in California.

Cosmetic tattooing of color corrective pigments is not just for those who have inappropriate coloration after unsuccessful permanent makeup tattooing. Color correction is increasingly becoming part of rehabilitation for burns victims and those who have undergone extensive surgeries. In the past, patients had to live with disfiguring scars and areas of too dark or too light pigmentation, which often eroded self confidence and self esteem and had a serious impact on their lives, especially if the area affected was the face or other visible skin areas.

Burns and Scars

With the cosmetic tattooing of corrective color pigments, burns and other scars can be effectively fixed by evening out the skin tone. The underlying problem in scar treatment is areas of orange, blue, gray or violet undertones, which can now be successfully neutralized and matched to the underlying tones of the patient's normal skin by use of corrective color pigments. The appearance of scars and other pigment defects can be transformed to such an extent that there is a dramatic effect on the client's self confidence, which positively affects all areas of their life.

Corrective color tattooing can be one of the most rewarding forms of cosmetic tattooing, with huge impacts on clients' lives. Use Face and Body Professionals' corrective color pigments to ensure the best results for your clients!

Face and Body Professionals strives to provide the best range of high quality tattooing, piercing and permanent makeup supplies available. Not only do we stand behind the quality of our products, but we are also committed to the highest levels of customer service and support. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. We look forward to the opportunity to develop a long term, professional relationship with your business and fulfilling all your tattooing, body piercing and permanent makeup supply requirements!

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