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Permanent Eyeliner


Dark black with hint of warmth.
TEMP: Cool
BASE: Black


Price: (12+) Qty:  
$31.00 $28.00

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Permanent Eyeliner Pigments

We also offer a permanent black eyeliner pigment, which has a hint of warmth on a cool base and is suitable for all skin tones. Adding a permanent eyeliner pigment around the eyes can provide a noticeable, permanent eyeliner effect for a made-up, polished look, or can subtly shape, define and enhance the eyes for those with naturally pale or deep-set eyes. In older clients, permanent eyeliner pigments tattooed by a skilled permanent makeup professional, gives the eyes 'lift' and takes years off the appearance of the face. Many women find application of eyeliner difficult to master, so a permanent makeup procedure using our cosemetic tattoo pigment is perfect for these women, giving them that polished look without hours in front of the mirror, struggling with powder or liquid eyeliner. Unlike those types of eyeliner, our cosemetic tattoo pigment will never run, irritate the eyes, or cause problems with the wearing of contact lenses.

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