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Our newest topical anesthetic is designed and manufactured specifically for NUMBING prior to eyeliner procedures. For several years Eyz-A-Blueeyz-a-blue image has been available in a limited market and has gained a loyal following of Permanent Cosmetic professionals who prefer to numb this sensitive area. What makes Eyz-A-Blueeyz-a-blue image so special is its thickness, neutral pH balance and it is odorless. Eyz-A-Blue topical anesthetic is formulated to stay in place and not melt or run while the permanent cosmetic professional prepares for the procedure; even if it is 20 minutes later. Having an anesthetic with a neutral pH level (between human saliva and tears) will help alleviate the stinging that is associated with pH levels.

EYZ-A-BLUEeyz-a-blue image
  Eyz-A-Blue image

Eyz-A-Blueeyz-a-blue image topical anesthetic should be applied to the unbroken skin of the upper and/or lower eyelash lid base, using a clean single-use applicator. Wait 20 minutes or until the numbing effect occurs and then remove the remaining Eyz-A-Blueeyz-a-blue image prior to beginning the procedure. You should avoid topical anesthetic contact with the eyes or mucous membranes. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse with eyewash. The client should seek the care of an eye doctor for any visual disturbances or sensations in the eye.

We are offering Eyz-A-Blueeyz-a-blue image topical anesthetic at an introductory price of $30 each or $24 for 12 or more.

As with any of our line of topical anesthetic products you may combine quantities to receive the 12+ discount.

Available in 7/8 oz. jar.


Price: (1-11)
  EYZ-A-BLUEeyz-a-blue image

Price is subject to change without notice

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