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Permanent Makeup Starter Kit $90
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Pemanent Makeup Pigments
  • Each 1/2 oz bottle is made in the USA.
  • The label contains a complete ingredient list.
  • The ingredients are properly identified for sale in the USA and EU/Japan.
  • The MSDS sheet for each color is available online.
  • California's Proposition 65 Notification is available online for California customers.
  • A Patch Test fact sheet is available online.

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Eyeliner Pigments

Price: (1-11) (12+) Qty:
EYELINER-BLACK $31.00 $28.00

Basic Brow Pigments

MEDIUM ASH BLONDE $31.00 $28.00
CHOCOLATE MOUSSE $31.00 $28.00
CHESTNUT $31.00 $28.00
TAUPE $31.00 $28.00
HAZEL NUT $31.00 $28.00

Basic Lip Pigments

WARM LIPS COLOR $31.00 $28.00
NEUTRAL LIPS COLOR $31.00 $28.00
COOL LIPS COLOR $31.00 $28.00

Areola Pigments

AREOLA LIGHT PINK $31.00 $28.00
AREOLA DARK PINK $31.00 $28.00

Price is subject to change without notice

Permanent makeup tattooing of the brows, lips and the eye lines is becoming increasingly popular, and is commonly known as Permanent makeup, Permanent cosmetics, or Cosmetic Tattooing. Aside from simple time-saving considerations for women (and men) who always want to look their best, permanent cosmetic makeup can genuinely change the lives of those who are unable to apply makeup normally. Whether due to visual problems, difficulties with arm and hand mobility or dexterity, or allergic reactions to cosmetic ingredients. Other clients may have thinning, fading or just naturally very pale or narrow brows that are difficult to convincingly fill in with normal cosmetics, or they simply don't feel comfortable with the application techniques or their ability to find products that are suitable for their skin tone.

Our Permanent Makeup pigments are custom made for us by a leading permanent cosmetic tattoo manufacturer. Our permanent makeup pigments manufacturer has been in business for many years, providing high quality permanent makeup pigments to the permanent cosmetic tattoo industry.

All of the permanent cosemetic pigment colors have been matched to our previous selection, so you will get the same coloring results.

Permanent Cosmetics

The ability to wear well-applied makeup again and always look good gives a great boost to women's self confidence and self esteem, allowing them to enjoy life to the fullest. Using permanent cosmetics, there is no longer the concern that makeup may run or come off, or that it may cause irritation from contact lenses – women have the confidence that their makeup will always look great, with zero time for application in the morning! Not to mention the time saved not having to take it off in the evening!

Face and Body Professionals offer a wide range of basic pigments for cosmetic tattooing of lips, brows, areolas and eye lines. All our pigments are custom made for us by a leading cosmetics manufacturer, who has a long history in the specialized production of these high quality permanent cosmetics for industry professionals. The pigments in our new line have been color matched to our previous selection, so you can be assured of the same coloring results if you have previously used our permanent cosmetics.

Made in the USA

Each of our Permanent makeup pigments comes in a 0.5 ounce bottle and is made in the USA. Unlike some permanent cosemetic pigments, we provide a full list of ingredients on each bottle, and each bottle is also correctly labeled for sale in Europe and Japan, as well as the US. For your convenience, we have a patch test fact sheet, MSDS fact sheet for each cosemetic tattoo pigment color and also California's Proposition 65 Notification (for use with clients in California) is available online.

Permanent Makeup Pigments - Eye Brow Pigments

We offer a choice of five different permanent makeup pigment shades for cosmetic eye brow tattooing. For each permanent eye brow pigment shade, we provide the base color, the temperature and a recommendation for the hair and skin color it is most suitable for, to make your choice of eye brow pigments easier. Use brow pigments for cosmetic eye brow tattooing can simply fill in the brow or provide convincingly hair-like strokes to closely simulate real eye brows. Great eye brows are essential to frame the face, and correctly shaped and sized eye brows can transform the look of the face, dramatically enhancing natural beauty. Many women over-tweeze their brows when they first start to shape them, and over time the hair may not grow back. Cosmetic eye brow tattooing, with one of our eye brow pigments, provides a permanent makeup solution, without women having to spend time applying make up every day or worrying about the color coming off during the day.

Permanent Makeup Pigments - Lip Pigments

Our choice of three different permanent makeup pigment shades for cosmetic lip tattooing. Our permanent lip pigment colors provide options for all clients; from those simply wanting to enhance the lips but without obvious color, to those wanting a rich, red lip color. We have warm, neutral and cool permanent lip pigments, suitable for all complexions, and also provide an indication of the base color and recommendation for the natural skin and lip color it is most suitable for. Permanent lip pigements for cosemetic tattooing gives the lips color and also can make the lips appear fuller, which makes it a great alternative to surgery for those with thin, pale lips. Pigmented, full lips give the face a much more youthful appearance, and a permanent makeup procedure with our cosemetic tattoo lip pigment also avoids the problems of lip color coming off during sports, drinking or kissing, or lip color 'bleeding' out into skin creases around the lips, an important concern for older women.

Permanent Makeup Pigments - Eyeliner Pigment

We also offer a permanent black eyeliner pigment, which has a hint of warmth on a cool base and is suitable for all skin tones. Adding a permanent eyeliner pigment around the eyes can provide a noticeable, permanent eyeliner effect for a made-up, polished look, or can subtly shape, define and enhance the eyes for those with naturally pale or deep-set eyes. In older clients, permanent eyeliner pigments tattooed by a skilled permanent makeup professional, gives the eyes 'lift' and takes years off the appearance of the face. Many women find application of eyeliner difficult to master, so a permanent makeup procedure using our cosemetic tattoo pigment is perfect for these women, giving them that polished look without hours in front of the mirror, struggling with powder or liquid eyeliner. Unlike those types of eyeliner, our cosemetic tattoo pigment will never run, irritate the eyes, or cause problems with the wearing of contact lenses.

Permanent Makeup Pigments - Areola Pigments

We have a selection of five different permanent makeup pigments for use on the Areola (nipple). These permanent aerola pigments can be used alone, or combined to shade and give depth to permanent makeup procedures on this area. Again, for each permanent aerola pigment color we give the color temperature, base color and recommendation for the skin colors it is most suitable for. Cosmetic tattooing around the nipples is a must for those women who have undergone breast surgery, whether for cancer treatment or surgical reduction. Our permanent areola pigments can be used in these situations to camouflage scars and recreate convincing nipples.

Permanent Makeup Pigments - Highest Quality

Face and Body Professionals strives to provide the best range of high quality tattooing, piercing and permanent makeup supplies available. Not only do we stand behind the quality of our products, but we are also committed to the highest levels of customer service and support. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. We look forward to the opportunity to develop a long term, professional relationship with your business and fulfilling all your tattooing, body piercing and permanent makeup supply requirements!
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