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Professionals require effective ways of numbing the skin. Whether performing a tattoo, body piercing, permanent makeup or other sensitive procedures, the need for safe, powerful, fast-acting topical anesthetics are imperative. When your customer is comfortable with the level of sensitivity they feel during the procedure, they will remain calm and still, allowing the professional to complete the job in a timely manner. Face and Body Professionals, Inc., offers six unique topical anesthetic products, which may be used individually or in conjunction with each other to effectively, anesthetize (numb) the skin before and during the procedures.

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Pre-Procedure Anesthetics

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During Procedure Anesthetics

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For a successful piercing, tattooing or permanent makeup session with maximum client satisfaction; using safe, powerful and quick-acting topical anesthetics is imperative. When a client is provided with a suitable level of pain reduction to ensure their comfort, they will be able to remain still and calm, allowing the professional to work quickly and accurately. Adequately anesthetized clients will also be able to tolerate longer sessions, which is especially important for larger tattoos.

Face and Body Professionals offers six different topical anesthetic products, each designed for a specific anesthetic purpose, to fulfill all your topical anesthetic requirements. Each of our products may be used alone or in combination to provide appropriate levels of anesthesia, both before and during the piercing or tattooing procedure.

Topical anesthetics for before the procedure starts

The need for a topical anesthetic during a sensitive procedure such as piercing or tattooing is obvious, but why use a pre-procedure anesthetic? Medical research has shown that if the nerves carrying pain signals are blocked before the procedure starts, there will be less post-procedure discomfort and also less anesthetic required during the procedure. Our pre-procedure topical anesthetics will numb the skin when applied to unbroken skin. They can be used for the initial steps in your procedure, such as the initial outlining of a tattoo, the first pass on a permanent makeup procedure or for pre-laser or piercing. These pre-procedure anesthetics rapidly lose their effectiveness after the skin has been broken, so they are not a substitute for anesthesia during the procedure. However, they are great to keep the client relaxed and reassured as you take the first steps for their tattooing or piercing, and allows them to become used to the sensations without unnecessary pain or excessive sensitivity.

Prepcaine ™

This popular topical anesthetic cream is a versatile, all-purpose pre-deadener that is suitable for any procedure. It contains the local anesthetics lidocaine (2%) and tetracaine (1.5%) and has just been reformulated to increase its potency. It is safe and recommended for all permanent makeup and other tattooing procedures (especially those on sensitive skin areas), although it should not be allowed to get in the eyes or mouth.

Super-Trio ™

Super-Trio is Face and Body Professionals' most powerful pre-procedure topical anesthetic, and as the name implies, contains three effective local anesthetics: lidocaine (4%), tetracaine (2%) and benzocaine (12%). It has been specifically designed for rapid onset and is used before laser treatment, body piercing, and for areas of thicker skin. Super-Trio's effectiveness is increasingly being recognized by medical professionals and electrologists as well as professional tattoo artists and piercers. It is a very safe solution when you require a fast-acting, potent topical anesthetic, although again, care should be taken to avoid it getting into the eyes or mouth.


Face and Body Professional is excited to announce the release of EYZ-A-BLUE, a topical anesthetic specifically designed for permanent makeup eyelining. Until now, EYZ-A-BLUE has previously only been available to a limited number of permanent makeup professionals, and has been used with such success that we are now releasing it for general sale. What makes EYZ-A-BLUE so unique and in such demand by these professionals are three factors: its thickness, a neutral pH and lack of unpleasant odor. EYZ-A-BLUE's thickness means that it stays in place without melting or running during eyelining procedures, allowing continuous numbing without irritation from anesthetic getting in the eyes. EYZ-A-BLUE's lack of odor also increases client cooperation and satisfaction.

Topical anesthetics for during the procedure

Face and Body Professionals offer three unique anesthetic agents for use during a piercing, tattooing or other sensitive procedure.

Swipe ™

Face and Body Professionals’ Swipe™ is a versatile, dual-purpose topical anesthetic. Swipe™ is the ideal product for removing your pre-procedure topical agents, because unlike soap or alcohol, it does not interfere with the action of local anesthetics or affect the skin's pH. Swipe™ therefore prepares the skin for during-procedure anesthetics, and also aids their penetration. In addition to cleaning the skin, Swipe™ is also a very effective product to provide numbing during the procedure. Swipe™ contains the powerful local anesthetics lidocaine (2%), tetracaine (1.5%) and benzocaine (6%), which within 90 seconds, will provide effective skin deadening lasting up to an hour. Swipe™ can be used continuously throughout the procedure, since it does not contain epinephrine and therefore will not affect skin healing. Swipe™ is an incredibly easy product to use, just 'swipe and go' for clean, anesthetized skin!

Sustaine ™

Sustaine Blue Gel is a powerful topical anesthetic that not only reduces sensitivity, but also reduces bleeding, bruising and swelling, during any type of procedure involving broken skin. These effects are achieved through a unique combination of ingredients: local anesthetics lidocaine (4%) and tetracaine (2%) with epinephrine (0.02%). It must be applied during the procedure, as it is not effective when applied to intact skin, but it is an incredibly potent skin deadening agent for use after outlining a tattoo or during permanent makeup application, electrolysis or other sensitive procedures. Sustaine Blue Gel effectively reduces bleeding, swelling and bruising, and it is particularly suitable for work in very sensitive areas, such as the inner arm and eyes. Choose Sustain for all procedures where extremely effective numbing is paramount.

Liquidcaine ™

Liquidcaine is a 4% lidocaine wash, used to produce skin deadening within 90 seconds of application. It can be applied during all tattooing and permanent makeup procedures involving broken skin as well as for electrolysis and laser treatment, and even to relieve the pain of sunburn. It is particularly suitable to wash off areas after tattooing, although it should not be used around the eyes or mouth.

The importance of effective anesthesia before and during piercing and tattooing cannot be overemphasized. A well-anesthetized client is a happy client, who will remain relaxed during the procedure, making your job easier and ultimately leading to great client satisfaction. Check out Face and Body Professionals' range of topical anesthetics for all your anesthesia requirements!

Face and Body Professionals strives to provide the best range of high quality tattooing, piercing and permanent makeup supplies available. Not only do we stand behind the quality of our products, but we are also committed to the highest levels of customer service and support. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. We look forward to the opportunity to develop a long term, professional relationship with your business and fulfilling all your tattooing, body piercing and permanent makeup supply requirements!

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