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Face and Body Professionals offers a wide range of Pigments for Cosmetic Tattooing of Lips, Brows, Areolas and Eyeliner.    
All our Products are MADE IN THE USA.   American Flag

Permanent Makeup Pigments

Basic Pigments

Corrective Pigments

Areola Pigments

Permanent Makeup of the brows, lips and eyeliner has become increasingly popular.

Aside from the simple time-saving considerations for women (and men) who always want to look their best, permanent cosmetic makeup can genuinely change the lives of those who are unable to apply makeup normally: whether due to visual problems, difficulties with mobility or dexterity, or allergies to cosmetic ingredients.

Other clients may have thinning, fading or just naturally very pale or narrow brows that are difficult to convincingly fill in with normal cosmetics, or they simply don’t feel comfortable with the application techniques or their ability to find products that are suitable for their skin tone.

*When looking at pigment swatches for color on your computer monitor please note the shade may vary, depending on your monitor color set-up.