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Our line of Topical Anesthetics are made for the Tattoo, Permanent Make Up and Body Piercing Professionals.    
All our Products are MADE IN THE USA.   American Flag

Topical Anesthetics

Face and Body Professionals offers six different numbing topical anesthetic products, each designed for a specific numbing purpose.

Each of our products may be used alone or in combination to provide appropriate levels of numbing, for either before or during the procedure.

PRE-PROCEDURE ANESTHETICS Our pre-procedure topical anesthetics will numb the skin when applied to unbroken skin.

They can be used for the initial steps in your procedure, such as the initial outlining of a tattoo, the first pass on a permanent makeup procedure or for pre-laser piercing.

DURING PROCEDURE ANESTHETICS Once the skin has been opened by the needling process, a during-procedure anesthetic should be applied for longer lasting relief.

Quantity Discounts are available based upon the total units of topical anesthetics ordered.